Essential Apps to Install on Your New iPhone

Essential Apps to Install on Your New iPhone

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Welcoming a brand new iPhone to your life is an exhilarating experience. That pristine screen, the unmatched speed, and the elegance of iOS, all waiting to be explored. But once the initial excitement fades, the question arises: “Which apps should I install first at appstore?” This article highlights the essential apps you should consider downloading immediately after setting up your iPhone.

WhatsApp Messenger

Why it’s essential apps: It’s one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide. WhatsApp offers text, voice, and video chat, and it’s easy to set groups or share multimedia. With end-to-end encryption, your chats remain private.

Google Maps

Why it’s essential apps: While Apple Maps has significantly improved, many users still swear by the accuracy and user-friendliness of Google Maps. Whether you’re navigating an unfamiliar city or looking for a nearby café, Google Maps has your back.

Spotify or Apple Music

Why it’s essential apps: Music is a staple for many, and both these apps offer extensive libraries. While Apple Music is integrated seamlessly into the iOS ecosystem, Spotify is beloved for its personalized playlists and social features.

1Password or LastPass

Why it’s essential apps: Remembering every password is impossible. These apps securely store your passwords, making it easier to manage different accounts and ensuring you maintain strong, unique passwords for each site.


Why it’s essential apps: As a top photo-sharing platform, Instagram is where you can keep up with friends, celebrities, and influencers. Its story and IGTV features also keep content fresh and engaging.

Microsoft Outlook or Gmail

Why it’s essential apps: Keep your emails organized and accessible. Both these apps are excellent for managing multiple accounts, with clean interfaces and powerful search features.


Why it’s essential : Found an interesting article but don’t have time to read it now? Pocket allows you to save it and read later, even offline. It’s like a personal library for all the web’s content you find intriguing.


Why it’s essential : iPhone’s camera quality is renowned, and with Snapseed, you can elevate your photos even further. This powerful photo editor from Google offers a plethora of tools and filters to make your images pop.

Health or MyFitnessPal

Why it’s essential : Staying healthy has never been more critical. Apple’s Health app consolidates health and activity data, while MyFitnessPal helps track your diet and exercise routines.

Notion or Evernote

Why it’s essential : For note-taking, project management, or just jotting down thoughts, these apps are versatile and synchronized across devices.

Conclusion of Essential Apps

Your iPhone is a powerful device, made even more dynamic with the right apps. The ones listed above are a mix of productivity tools, social platforms, and apps to enhance your lifestyle. While everyone’s preferences might differ, this list provides a comprehensive starting point for anyone looking to maximize the potential of their new iPhone. Remember, the App Store is vast, so take the time to explore and find the ones that resonate with you the most. Happy downloading!